Healing With Compassion and Grace

When we talk about healing with energy we are guided to use spiritual concepts like Source, Great Compassion, and Grace. Lan-Yu does not require traditional diagnostic procedures or ritualized methods of connecting with what is out of balance. She is naturally tuned to interact with the spectrum of energetic frequencies  that are ever-present in fields of Grace and Compassion - both surrounding us and within the deepest core of our truth. In Lan-Yu's experience, the source of these energies is a great and loving mystery beyond rational comprehension. This source is traditionally called God or Divine Cosmic Energy. Lan-Yu meditatively tunes herself to these healing frequencies through her empowered connection with the Buddhist deity of Great Compassion, Guanyin Bodhisattva. Lan-Yu also brings to her healing work the Field of Grace from her strong Faith in Divine Source.

The brief video below is of Lan-Yu while channeling a spectrum of healing frequencies as she focuses on various areas of the receiver's body-field.


A Synergy of Embodied Practices



Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea

Physical movements and postures combine with mindful awareness to optimize and embody your life-force Qi energy flow, balance, and vitality.  


Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea Ceremony as a mindful experience of beauty, harmony, and presence.


Lan-Yu Hsieh is a channel of healing energy as it is primarily manifest through the Great Compassion of the Buddhist deity Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Lan-Yu is a member of The BodySong Wellness Center