Lan-Yu's Path to the Healing Arts

Lan-Yu Hsieh is a channel of healing energy as it is primarily manifest through the Great Compassion of the Buddhist deity Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Early Life Influences

Lan-Yu was born and spent the first 12 years of her life in the large Asian city of Taipei, Taiwan. As a free-spirited, creative child she naturally rebelled against the highly regimented, cookie-cutter manner of public education available in Taiwan at that time. She was also challenged at an early age by a very dysfunctional relationship with her mother, who at times was extremely emotionally abusive and harshly judgmental.

Her first memorable experience with the healing energy of Spiritual Grace came late one evening at age 10. She was avoiding going home because she feared a confrontation with her mother and was hanging out in an all-night store in the middle of Taipei City. A kindhearted old man asked her why she was out so late all by herself. She told him that she was afraid to go home because her mother was going to be upset with her. The old man told her not to worry and just say the words "Jesus Christ" and everything would be alright. Lan-Yu followed the old man's advice and immediately her fear and anxiety disappeared. She suddenly felt calm and peaceful, and when she went home that evening things seemed to be much better between she and her mother. In retrospect, the old man in the store had been like an Angel giving her spiritual support when she was most vulnerable and did not know what to do.

Later she discovered the Buddhist Bodhisattva of Great Compassion, Guanyin, as she was naturally exposed to the countless representations of Guanyin throughout the many Buddhist Temples of Taiwan. To put it simply, Lan-Yu found refuge and understanding within spiritual communities where the Great Compassion of Guanyin was present. Lan-Yu recognizes that she has always had a very strong connection to Guanyin which she has cultivated within the core of her spiritual identity.

Today Lan-Yu continues her journey of spiritual cultivation and research, powered by her strong Faith and the Great Compassion of Guanyin, manifesting healing light, energy, and awareness. 

Buddhist Tantra

After moving to California, Lan-Yu began studying Tantric Buddhism. After a period of preparation and meditation with her Vajra Master she experienced the Kalachakra Initiation, granting her the authority to practice the Tantra for the benefit of all sentient beings.  A major part of her Tantric practice is Sanskrit Chanting of Buddhist Mantras and Sutras. Lan-Yu chants these regularly to generate harmony and activate deeper connection with the source of wisdom and compassion. The sacred music of her chanting voice carries comforting and healing energies.


Self Healing Journey

After ten years of working in her San Francisco Bay Area beauty salon business, Lan-Yu developed chronic neck and lower back pain. She began to search for alternative, holistic ways to heal her body and improve her vital life-force energy or Qi. She joined the Dahn Yoga center near her work in San Mateo, California. The Dahn Center provided a unique combination of Qigong, Meditation, and Yoga practices. After six months of dedicated practice (at least 5 times weekly)  Lan-Yu was free of chronic pain and took herself to a new level of overall health and vitality.

Based on the energy practices of her yoga and Qigong, Lan-Yu became interested in Reiki Healing and completed her Reiki Master certification in 2003. 


Holistic Nutrition

Becoming very aware of the philosophy of healing the whole person, and the importance of diet and nutrition as well as exercise and energy work, Lan-Yu did several cleansing diet retreats at the Optimal Health Institute (OHI) of San Diego. Her health and vitality continued to improve and the frequency of her personal energy sphere began to manifest a higher vibration reality.

Her experiences at OHI made her aware that food is powerful natural medicine and she began to search for ways to deepen her knowledge of nutrition and the specific health benefits of various food plants and herbs. She enrolled in the Natural Chef Program at Bauman College in Berkeley and graduated as a certified Natural Chef in 2006. Rooted in the importance of food quality and taste in her native Taiwan, Lan-Yu has developed a unique cuisine that blends flavors from Taiwan with the California Farm-to-Table food movement. Healthy, enjoyable experiences in the kitchen and at table are an ever-present focus of Lan-Yu's holistic approach to life and community.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Growing up in her native Taiwan, Lan-Yu was naturally exposed to the ubiquitous culture and science of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). While she has not received formal certification as a TCM doctor, Lan-Yu has worked with many TCM practitioners and has done her own independent study of the principles used by TCM to restore healthy energetic flow and  balance within the meridian networks of the body. She has a working understanding of the 12 Regular Meridians and the nature of Chi (Qi) energy and how it may become blocked, leading to imbalance and illness. Lan-Yu has a deep understanding of the organic wholeness of the body and the importance of yin/yang balance as essential to vitality and health. 


Lan-Yu is a member of The BodySong Wellness Center