Energy Healing

March, 2020

Lan-Yu helped me with personal difficulties naturally and efficiently.  Her holistic style and kindness is comforting and gentle.  The divine love she shared with me covered issues we discussed and some I never mentioned!  Her work and teaching is truly a blessing.  Plus she gives you homework.

- Christy, Essential Oil Lab Technician


Energy Healing

February, 2020

I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Lan-Yu for over half a decade and each time she has worked on me it has been a magical experience. Her calming presence makes it easy to be deeply relaxed and creates an atmosphere for optimal healing to happen. She always makes sure that your healing environment is comfortable and warm. When she works on me I can actually feel directly the healing energy having a positive influence on my body. Sometimes I will feel her take something "out" when I've come in feeling heavy and down, and I leave the session feeling lighter and more energized. Often times I'll come to her feeling anxious and kind of "out of my body", but the second she begins to work on me I relax and I start to feel warm and more focused as she gently eases me back into my center. I always leave her sessions feeling so much more at peace and it will often last for weeks. She is an amazing healer and anyone who is lucky enough to have her work on them will feel and know it.

- Kayla D,  Childhood Development Counselor


Energy Healing

December, 2019

Lan Yu, you emanate a beacon of light, harmony, joy, and compassion.  Your healing energy soothes my body, mind and spirit and this nurturing and nourished feeling is so necessary to maintain balance in today’s chaotic world.  When I fall asleep during our sessions, I am amazed when I awaken to feeling peaceful and aligned within.  

- Rita G,  Transformational Strategist, Speaker and Author


Energy Healing

October, 2019

I've experienced many other variations on Reiki and Energy Healing before but nothing as subtle, soothing, and instantly effective as Lan-Yu's. I have two health issues that have stubbornly persisted for many years.  1.  residual pain and stiffness in my left arm from injuries I received in a car accident.  2. skin cancer which was slowly getting more inflamed and enlarged. In three sessions with Lan-Yu I have experienced very dramatic improvements in both of these conditions. My left arm is much improved with better range of motion and much less pain. Also, both the inflammation and size of my skin cancer spots are very noticeably reduced. The affected areas of my skin feel less tender and the skin color is more normal. Overall I feel like I've been worked on by healing energy from a divine source.  I so appreciate Lan-Yu's gentle, calm manner which made me feel so trusting and relaxed that I actually fell asleep while she was working on me. Thank you Lan-Yu.

- Tom P,  Retired Development Leader


Energy Healing & Nutrition

December, 2019

Lan-Yu is an amazing intuitive energy healer who pulses you with her energy and will get to the root of your body's issues. I experienced a release of old, deep wound symptoms through her healing spiritual practice combined with guidance for changes to my diet. I highly recommend her.

- Bruce H,  Sustainable Design Consultant, Builder